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Picture of Galactic Rescue Inc. Author James T. Lay
Darkside Publications is the site for author James T Lay's Science Fiction Novels. James was born in London and is now living in Chard, Somerset, England. The writing 'bug' hit whilst he was on a helicopters contract in Sweden. Being snowed-in and having read a pile of rubbish Sci-Fi, the decision was made to write a book himself. The title of Galactic Rescue Inc. sprang to mind for the name of the novel. The Sci-Fi writing turned out to be an interesting project and, as the novel progressed, it became even more interesting than reading other peoples' work. Having started reading Sci-Fi in the early 1950's with 'The Star Kings', James' preferences were in the style of Buck Rogers and not the Wizards, Dragons and Swords of today.

The novel, Galactic Rescue Inc., was all but finished, but there was much more to come. The result was that the novel was transformed into Vol 1. Prelude, with Vol 2. Outwards to the Stars being developed - followed by Vol 3. Way Beyond Infinity. All three novels are now finished, each with approximately 300 pages.

Vol 4. Cosmic Pressure is well advanced in the writing stage.

Science Fiction today tends to concentrate on the characters, giving you their history, what they had for breakfast and where their parents went to school - etc, etc. The Galactic Rescue Inc. Series concentrates on the Science Fiction of the story - the adventures and the incidents. This is what the majority of readers buy Science Fiction for - the Space Adventure.

Here is your chance to go back to the good-old-days of Sci-Fi - there is no padding of the story - it is all go and no hanging about.

Get reading.