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Darkside Publications is the dedicated site for the Science Fiction Novels written by James T. Lay. The sites' most important aspect is that Darkside Publications demand that Science Fiction to be just that - Science Fiction - not Wizardry or Dragons or Swords. Early Sci-Fi (1950's-60's) had adventures in space. There was the 'Positronic Brain' and Isaac Asimov, the comedy and brilliance of Eric Frank Russell and the unforgetable era of Ray Bradbury. This is the ethos of Darkside - plus eliminating an element that has crept into 'commercial' Sci-Fi - endless character building. Gone are the multitude of pages describing the background of the main characters, and in has come immediate action. If this is what you would prefer in Sci-Fi, look no further - it is here in Galactic Rescue Inc.

The novels you find here are the Galactic Rescue Inc. Series. Each novel is part of an unending space opera of thrills, spills and adventures throughout the known, and yet to be known, galaxies.

Vol 1. is the novel Prelude - the introduction to the series with the adventures beginning within the first few pages and continuing on until the last page - 306 in this case.

Vol 2. is the novel Outwards to the Stars - the continuing escapades of the two adventurers introduced to you in Vol 1, plus a couple of 'extras' for a short period of time. They are enjoying the 'space' adventure scenario - but are finding some aspects of the experience a little daunting.

Vol 3. is the novel Way Beyond Infinity - where the adventurers experience alien races and adventures beyond the imagination. Their 'holiday', beginning at the end of the novel, is quite extraordinary - you'll find out about that later!

Each Vol. is a novel in its own right - but the reader would benefit from reading the novels in order.

Vol 4. is the novel Cosmic Pressure - well into the writing stage - hopefully available shortly, and beginning with 'the holiday', from Vol 3.

PURCHASING:- Darkside have employed the expertise of Smashwords for you to use to purchase books.